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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Government Office For Slovenians Abroad -- Public Invitations For Tenders For Financial Support In The Year 2017

Based on the Act on Relations between the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenians abroad (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 43/06, 76/10) and the Government Decree on financial support for maintenance and development of the Slovene identity outside the Republic of Slovenia (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 139/2006, 32/16), the Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad on November 4, 2016, published a Public Tender for Applications for the Financial support in 2017 for Slovenians living abroad.

The Public Tender for Applications aims to stimulate activities among Slovenians living abroad, who:

- consolidate and maintain their national, linguistic and cultural identity

- pave the way for their interaction and mutual connection

- enable them to maintain their links with the Republic of Slovenia

- enable the maintenance of the structures and activities of Slovenian autochthonous national community in neighboring countries, as well as those of other Slovenians living abroad.


Public Invitations for Applications grant eligibility for applying for financial support to applicants who are individuals or legal entities located outside of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as those located in the Republic of Slovenia whose activities in the Republic of Slovenia aim to connect with and care for Slovenians abroad.

The documentation for the above mentioned Public Invitations for Applications is available on the website of the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad, which can be found at  . Interested parties can also obtain the documentation in person at the Office's headquarters at Erjavčeva 15, 1000 Ljubljana on weekdays between 9:00 and 14:00 hours CET, and at any of the Republic of Slovenia's embassies or consulates general during their office hours.

The deadline for filing the applications is December 5, 2016.

For any additional clarifications and information, please contact the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad via email: urad.slovenci(at) , or call +386 (1) 230-8000 on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. CET.